About My Blog

Do you ever just sit and watch families with their children? Do you ever wonder how everything parents do affect their children? That is what my blog is about. I am Jessica Peace and I have 2 children. I often wonder how my actions or the moves I make as a parent will affect my children down the line. I have watched families struggle and have seen what happens to children who are neglected. My blog will be about those children and what has happened to them through their parents actions. This blog is a whole other perspective, where as most people aren’t honest about how they affect their children. I feel like the world today makes it so people can’t express how they feel or what they do when it comes to their children because they are scared of getting in trouble. I want to open up about it instead of acting like everything is okay when a lot of these children are not. I will be changing the names of each of the children I observe so that no one gets hurt or offended by my posts.
Meet Chuckie, a seven year old who is repeating the first grade. Chuckie grew up with a hard life, his mom has been in and out of jail, on and off of drugs and has also been a prostitute. Chuckie has dyslexia and has been in and out of foster homes as well as other family members homes. Chuckie is one of the subjects I have followed closely and I will probably bring up a lot in my blog.
Meet Phil, a five year old about to start kindergarten. Phil is my brother and lives in mount Lebanon. I am 20 years older than Phil which has had an effect on our relationship and also how he was raised. Phil is experiencing only child syndrome because he has 3 older sisters who just swoon over him all the time.
Meet Tommy, a 4 year old about to start Pre K. Tommy is my son and has grown up very poor. We have moved a lot as well and he has seen a lot more than a child his age should have. With him as well, since he’s my son I have studied him very closely and how the things I do affect him everyday.
And lastly, meet Dil, a 2 year old that is about to start daycare for the first time in his life. Dil is my son as well and as I have said about Tommy, I have followed him very closely for the same reasons.
In my blog I will be comparing and contrasting the differences in parenting styles and how it has effected the children that I have mentioned above. You will get to see how us as parents have effected these children and how they ended up the way they did. Almost all of these children act out in different ways that are very usual because of the things they have experience since they were young. I want there to be a big concentration on the foster care system as well and how that has effect little Chuckie. My blog will be very interesting to follow because there is no holding back in what I write. Everything I say is true except for the names that I have changed for protection.


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