Raising a child when your bipolar

Mental health affects many americans as well as others all over the world. I am one of those unfortunate people with mental health issues I have had since I was a kid. My sons see me and deal with me everyday, and unfortunately understand exactly whats going on. Since I was 14 I have been diagnosed with many different mental health issues. At 18 I finally got the right diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. I have been told that their is a 40% chance that my sons will develop the same disorder. Drama consumes my life and when I am off my medication, I am not responsible or right and my kids unfortunately go through it all. My son Tommy tells me everyday how I have a sick brain and I need to go get it fixed. He is more logical then me at times which really hurts. Tommy is an incredibly smart kid and picks up on everything that happens within my life and his. He is such a loving kid but shows signs of mental disease as well. When I get manic I end up dragging my kids all over gods creation because I feel like I need to. I know it sounds selfish but its what I do. My kids don’t have the stability they need, they are stuck with a mother who can’t control herself at times. Tommy watches everything I do and for the moment he thinks its cool that mommy wants to run away and do things we shouldn’t be doing. He thinks and sees the same way I think I feel like an invincible child at times. Tommy understands it all unfortunately and is stuck with the consquences of having me for a mother.¬†Nothing is easy when your a parent but when your world is surrounded by drama that you created because you feel like your actions have no consequences you end up feeling like your drowning and bringing your children down with you.


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