How foster care can change a child’s life forever.

Chuckie was 9 months old when he was first taken away from his mother. She had fallen asleep after smoking crack for a couple a days and didn’t wake up when he was climbing around. He got his head stuck between a table and the couch and couldn’t get out and ended up being stuck that way for hours. The police came when chuckie’s grandma heard him cry and couldn’t get into the apartment. As soon as they got in they got him out of his situation and took his mother to jail. She got charged with endangerment to the welfare of a child and chuckie was placed in a home. Chuckie had lived in foster care for almost a year before his mother got her life right and got him back.
Foster care had an effect on this child. I honestly cannot tell you what has happened to him while he was in this situation but it definitely shows in the way he is today. For Chuckie to be placed in and out of his mother’s care for 7 years has definitely taken its toll on him emotionally. When he got back into his mom’s custody when he was about 2, he was wild and out of control. He didn’t have any fear, tried jumping out windows, and didn’t care about any punishment that might have been given to him at that time. Like I said, wild and out of control. His mother couldn’t control her child, and tried her best to be a mother to him. In my opinion Chuckie’s mother doesn’t have a motherly bone in her body and doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to her child.
When Chuckie’s mother was young her mother was also on crack and ended up losing her kids to the system. Chuckie’s mother never really knew stability because she never really had it. She dropped out when she was 14 years old and ran around and didn’t have anyone holding her back. She moved from place to place and didn’t have any responsibilities. By the time she got pregnant with Chuckie when she was 17 she had no clue what life is suppose to be like. Being a child from the system her self, history sort of repeated itself with her son.
The system is suppose to be built to help those children who are in crisis at home. But in my opinion it makes things worse in some ways. Because of chuckie’s mother being lost in the system her children became lost the same way. There is no stability in foster care for children. And when children from foster care become parents, they have no stability for their children as well. Chuckie’s mother still jumps from place to place and never has a stable home or a leg to stand on to support herself or her children. Chuckie is a lost child.
Chuckie has tons of mental health problems, he throws random tantrums which ends up hurting those around him. He has molested younger children, which I honestly don’t know where that comes from. He also is very deceiving and knows how to lie better then a lot of the adults I know today. I believe he suffers from depression, and he doesn’t understand what stability is. When you have children the most important thing for them to have is stability, because without it they are lost. I honestly believe that on top of chuckie being in a home that is unstable 90% of the time, foster care has a huge affect on who he has become today. Unfortunately I think it might be to late to try and save him and his mind set. Foster care can be a good thing, but there are people that abuse the system just to get money for the children they receive. There are so many children in foster homes that they never know true love. Hopefully Chuckie learns what love is and learns stability as well but like I have said I doubt it. Please feel free to give me your opinions on the system as well!


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