First Blog Post

Hi, I am trying to figure out a good topic to write about in my blog, but I am drawing a blank. My first instinct is to write about what I know, what I do every day, which is raising my children. But I don’t want me being a mother to define every aspect in my life, as it already does. What is Jessica Peace interested in? Hmm, that’s not an easy thing to answer. The last 5 years of my life have been dedicated to my sons and I haven’t really had a chance to be in reality. Could I write about the life of a hostess? I could but its not something that really defines me. I am very interested in politics; I am interested in other countries, their struggles, American struggles. I am very interested in health problems, health care issues, and doctors mistreating patients. I am interested in animals, the poor, and abandoned children. I always am trying to help everyone I meet. So what do I write about? I can’t narrow down these interests in my mind. I can not make it specific. It’s something I need to concentrate on though. I can’t relate to adoption, but i know a lot of people who end up in foster care. I can relate to that. Maybe I will go back to my original idea and write about the children I know and love. Maybe I will write about the struggles that my babies as well as others that are around me go through on a daily basis. I have 2 kids, my brother and my nephew, I can write a blog from all their different life styles and points of view. I study these children as well as care for them; it’s the one thing I know more about than anything else in the world.  I’ve watched my brother grow up in a different house hold then I did when I grew up and how my children are growing up now.  My nephew, I watched him end up in foster care and watched him go to 4 different schools a year, and he’s homeless 90% of the time. My sons are growing up in a very poor environment with their parents fighting all the time. Its amazing what the difference of parenting styles can do to a child as they grow up. It defines that child and I feel that parents are the determining factor of what their kids will be when they get older. As long as writing about them fits the criteria, I have a topic I think finally! Maybe I should have just stuck with my original thoughts to begin with.


Hi, I am Jessica Peace and I made this blog for my English class. Please stay tuned because I will be writing about my interests. Thank you very much!